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Our real estate and vacation rental brokers are local to the Cashiers and Glenville area of North Carolina.

Debby Hattler, Owner, Broker-in-Charge

Dick Hattler, Broker

Rick Creel, Broker

Ron Hensley, Broker/Rental Manager

Will McRae, Broker, CDPE

Wayne Sikes, Broker

Bill Young, Broker

Debby Hattler

Owner, Broker-in-Charge

Office: 828-743-1144
Cell: 828-506-0173
Fax: 828-743-6564

Email: debby@hattlerproperties.com

Deborah Hattler comes from South Florida where she and her husband Richard raised their 5 children. Debby attended the University of Florida and began coming to the Highlands/Cashiers plateau as a part time resident over 40 years ago. Her early career covered the areas of corporate travel and in 1975 Debby began her career in real estate investments, brokerage and management. Debby and her husband started coming to the Highlands Cashiers area in 1966 and in 1989 they decided to build their home in Cashiers. In 2004 the family moved permanently to the area where Debby assumed the responsibility for managing the rental program for Mountain Lake Rentals. In 2007 Debby bought the company and also started a new company, Hattler Properties, LLC. Debby is the past President of the Highlands Cashiers board of realtors and board member of the Jackson County Tourist Development Authority. She is also involved in numerous local civic and community activities. Debby and her husband Dick enjoy all the outdoor year round activities this area provides and traveling, as time permits.

Richard Hattler


Office: 828-743-1144
Cell: 828-200-0157
Fax: 828-743-3254

Email: dick@hattlerproperties.com

Born and raised in The Republic of Panama Dick is bi-lingual and graduated from the University of Florida. His first job was as a real estate appraiser for several years after which he started, owned and was president of Western Hemisphere Realty Company, a real estate investment and management company located in Coral Gables, Florida. Dick then went into banking and was the Sr. Vice President and Chief Lending Officer of the first savings and loan ever chartered in the United States. Wanting to get back into investment real estate and get out of South Florida Dick and his wife Debby decided to relocate to the Highlands Cashiers plateau where they had been going since 1966 and in 1989 bought a Christmas tree farm, built their home, started Hattler Properties and acquired Mountain Lake Rentals. Over his career Dick has sold in excess of $250MM of commercial real estate. Dick, Debby and their 5 children enjoy family time, traveling, spending time on the lake and hiking.


Rick Creel

Broker - Listing Agent/Buyers Agent

Office: 828-743-4300
Cell: 828-506-0011
Fax: 828-743-6564

Email: rick@hattlerproperties.com
Ricks Website: www.highlandscashiersproperties.com

Rick serves as both a Buyers Agent and Listing Agent in Cashiers, Highlands, Sapphire and Glenville areas. His background and skills in marketing make him like no other real estate agent. His marketing methods are unlike many of his contemporaries, which have helped him to achieve the goals of his clients.

Since moving to the mountains of Highlands, Cashiers, and Lake Glenville in 1973,  Rick has spent the majority of his life in these local communities. He has built a reputation with local vendors and craftsmen as someone who understands the local community and way of life.

Rick's passion for the Highlands, Cashiers, Sapphire and Glenville areas shows in his desire to get others to appreciate all that this lifestyle has to offer. He has raised his family to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and to respect the diverse culture that surrounds them. Mountain hiking and biking have offered Rick the opportunity to learn the mountains in a way that many have yet to experience. Waterfalls, mountain views and meadows abound. "I have spent my life in these mountains and still find new things. I don't think you can ever find it all." He concludes, "The golfing isn't bad, either."

For Buyers, Rick attempts to get his buyers to be patient. He wants them to find the right home at the right price. His knowledge and background of the real estate market in this area serves his clients well. "I do real estate because I want to, not because I have to" he says. "I'm not a salesman, so I want my clients to understand I'm not here to sell them a house. I'm here to help them find a place they can enjoy and call home."

For home listings, Rick helps homeowner's to see the Fair Market Value. "It does no good to build up the homeowner with a lot of hype, then have their home sit on the market for long periods of time. I'd rather be upfront and fair in helping them see the market, its activity and come up with a plan that will help them meet their goals,"  he says.

Rick also helps by posting information for those that would like to know How To Sell A Home or How To Buy A Home. He also offers a free monthly market report for the Cashiers/Highlands area. You can sign up for that free real estate report here.

If you're looking for a Top Listing Agent, why not start with Rick. He'll be glad to share his knowledge of Real Estate, as well as the mountains with you.

Ron Hensley


Office: 828-743-1144
Cell: 828-399-0028
Fax: 828-743-6564

Email: ron@hattlerproperties.com

Ron has been a NC real estate broker since 2007 and is a part of the Hattler Properties team on beautiful Lake Glenville. He has lived in the Glenville/Cashiers area with his wife and daughters for the past 18 years. Whether you are selling or buying, call Ron for results!



Will McRae

Broker, CDPE

Office: 828-743-1144
Cell: 828-506-6552
Fax: 828-743-6564

Email: will@hattlerproperties.com

I grew up in a small town in Northwest Florida, so living in the Cashiers/ Glenville area is like being home. In 1968 I graduated from the University of Alabama and spent the next two years in the U.S. Army. I worked for a bank in Northwest Florida for almost nine years and left to form my own company. For twenty one years I operated my office supply and machine company. My wife Margaret and I have four children, who are married with twelve grandchildren. We are truly blessed. My wife Margaret, who just retired as a sixth grade teacher at Blue Ridge Elementary School, and I purchased a home in “The Point” at Tahala Shores in 1994. We moved to North Carolina in 2001 to become full time residents. I received my real estate licenses in 2002 and have enjoyed being a Realtor® every minute since then. We love the mountains!

Wayne Sikes


Office: 828-743-1144
Cell: 205-500-2541
Fax: 828-743-6564

Email: waynesikes1@gmail.com

Wayne and his wife, Susie, first visited Cashiers in 1996 and instantly fell in love the "Cashiers' Mountain Experience." During the summer of '96, Susie and Wayne bought property and began visiting several times a year. In 2000, a home was bought on Bright Mountain and in 2004 Wayne committed to real estate sales and development in Cashiers on a full time basis. "I had the unique opportunity to join Sam Lupas and Ray Trine as the developing team for Bridge Creek. An experience that grew into a love affair with Bridge Creek that continues today." Wayne has joined Hattler Properties as a selling broker for all of the Highlands and Cashiers plateau.

Ron Hensley

Rental Broker/Manager

Lakefront homes and mountain home rentals. Rentals for Highlands, Cashiers, Lake Glenville, Lake Toxaway and surrounding areas. Ron can help you find a home to rent or he can help you get your home rented. Ron's experience in the rental industry in the mountains puts him above many of his real estate peers.

Office: 828-743-6875

Fax: 828-743-6564

Email: info@mlakerentals.com

Bill Young


Office: 828-743-1144
Cell: 828-200-4818
Fax: 828-743-6564

Email: bill@hattlerproperties.com

Bill is no stranger to the Cashiers-Glenville real estate market. With more than 20 years of experience building and developing residential property in the area, Bill brings a unique skill set to his duties at Hattler Properties.  As a licensed General Contractor, he has built custom and speculative homes in Pinchot, Wade Hampton, Summer Hill and Summer Cove, having also developed the latter two properties. Bill’s insights into property development, site evaluation and construction planning will help him to assist buyers and advise sellers throughout the process of acquiring or divesting their property. Bill graduated from Emory University with a BA and an MBA. He and his wife Susan live on a small farm in the Glenville area. Susan also owns Summer Place Antiques in Cashiers.